(Programmable Robot - Soldering Not Required)
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If you think one robot is interesting, wait until you see two of them battling for control Sumo-style. The SumoBot robot is a competition-ready robot designed within the Northwest Robot Mini-Sumo Tournament rules. This little pusher will locate and knock its opponent right out of the ring while detecting the outside circle should an escape move be necessary.

The electronics consists of a surface-mounted BASIC Stamp 2 module and infrared sensors to detect your opponent and the edge of the Sumo Ring. The hardware package includes the black anodized aluminum chassis and scoop, servo motors, wheels, 4AA power pack (batteries not included) mounting standoffs and screws. The documentation takes you from basic moves to one-on-one combat. The general topics introduced in the SumoBot Manual are as follows:
  • Basic SumoBot locomotion under program control
  • Edge avoidance and opponent detection based on a variety of sensor inputs
  • Navigation opponent seeking using programmed artificial intelligence
Each topic is addressed in an introductory format designed to impart a conceptual understanding along with some hands-on experience.

Quantity and Description of Parallax SumoBot contents:
  • (1) SumoBot Board with surface-mounted BS2
  • (2) QTI Sensor
  • (1) Parallax Screwdriver
  • (1) Chassis, SumoBot
  • (1) Front Scoop, SumoBot"
  • (2) Wheel, Plastic, 2.58 Dia, .3 W
  • (4) Rubber Band Tire
  • (1) Battery holder, 4cell, AA, leads
  • (1) SumoBot Manual
  • (2) Res, CF, 5%, 1/4W, 470 Ohm
  • (1) CD ROM, Parallax software and documentation
  • (1) LED-GREEN-T 3/4
  • (2) LED-Infrared - T1 3/4
  • (1) LED-Red - T1 3/4
  • (2) IR Receiver
  • (2) LED Standoff
  • (2) LED Light Shield
  • (1) Serial Cable
  • (1) 3 inch Jumper Wires (1 Bag of 10)
  • (2) Servo Extension Cable (10 inches)
  • (1) Piezo Sound Generators
  • (2) Continuous Rotation Servo (Futaba)
  • Assortment of screws, washers, and standoffs
SumoBot Manual (.pdf)
Add the LCD AppMod to the SumoBot (.pdf)
SumoBot with LCD AppMod Source Code (.zip)
SumoBot Source Code (.zip)
Bonus Code! SumoBot "Zippy" Source Code (.txt)


  • Power: 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Requires PC Running Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Requires Serial Port
Note: This is a programmable robot kit. You will receive parts to build the item pictured and software to program the Robot.   PX27400